Lake Taylor sweeps season series with Granby

by Jazmin Sherard, recruit757

They say three times a charm, how about four? The Titans gained their fourth win a row Friday evening against the Granby Comets, defeating them 87-55, which would be the second win against the comets.

Winning the Norfolk Holiday Classic last week, the Titans move on 8-3, and being one of the teams on the radar to beat. Coach Brown had a lot to say about his team having being on the radar and somewhat having a target on their backs.

“I believe we’ve had a target on our back since day one, because teams know that Lake Taylor plays very, very hard, so anytime a team can get a win against Lake Taylor, it’s a good day. We always teach our kids to play like they have targets on their backs.”

Lake Taylor definitely played as if they had everything to lose Friday night. Averaging 71 points this season, the Titans have been dominating defensively, by preying on their opponent all four quarters.

“That’s the only way we play, the only style that we play. We don’t play zone, we don’t play anything other then full court defense. We don’t back off, our goal is to wear you down”, said Coach Brown.

That’s exactly what occurred Friday evening. The Titan men didn’t back off, nor did they take any pressure off of Granby. There were many moments during game play, where Granby would attempt to bring the ball up the court, but in the midst, there was a white jersey waiting to attack.

Offensively, the Titans did nothing less then what was asked of them. By halftime they were leading the Comets 48-29, leaving the court with a lot more to give. No matter who were playing at the time, everyone had chemistry, communication, and trust in one another. Lake Taylor phenom, Joe Bryant Jr., couldn’t have agreed more that the team chemistry is apart of the reason why they are winning.

“It’s no problem with communication. We trust one another and our ability to play. We tell each other to always come out and play hard, so that gets us through.”

Bryant had an impressive game on both ends of the court. It’s obvious that his teammates put a lot of trust into him and each other, when things get tough. Every player contributed to the win in some way Friday evening, but freshman Anthony Hicks definitely made a statement defensively Friday evening. Being that this was his first post game interview, I asked him if the pressure was on.

“It’s not a lot of pressure. It’s great being the freshman on the team, and having my teammates. It can get real competitive, so it’s great that I get that experience.”

Anthony wasn’t the only Titan who loves the competition. Demontae Tyler expressed how it felt to come out and beat comets for the second time this season.

“It feels good to come out and beat the same team twice and make a statement. We come out and dominated, and did what we needed to do.

Last but not least, Dereon Seabron showed off his dunking skills Friday evening. With three explosive slams, Dereon expressed how it felt to go up against their city rival, and put on a show.

“It felt great, because they are our city rival, and we had to send another message, to back up the game at the scope.”

It’s no question that Titans are ready for conference play, and whoever else crosses their path. They scream confidence when they step foot on the floor, and honestly it has been working for them.

All agreed if they had the chance to play a particular team again this season, they would choose Norcom. Unfortunately for the Titans, they will not see the greyhounds anymore this season.

Due to the inclement weather, their contest against L.C Bird has been cancelled, and will be rescheduled at a later time. Be sure to check for scheduling information via

Top Players

Joe Bryant Jr. : 17 Pts , 4/4 FT

Dereon Seabron: 20 Pts, 8/9 FT

Demontae Tyler: 6 Pts, 2/2 FT

Anthony Hicks: 6 pts, 1/2 FT

-Jazmin Sherard