Here’s the full listing of each region’s Fab 30

At Ultimate Recruit, we track high school football athletes as soon as we’re aware of them and their potential to play college football. That means we’re tracking rising freshman up to rising seniors and analyzing their prospects to play at the next level.

The full lists of our prospect reports go out to our college clients for the 757, 804 and Northern Virginia regions. As football fans, you get to see our synopsis of the 30 best rising seniors in each region each year, and we call that list our Fab 30.

Here’s a recap of our Fab 30 for the region. Individual articles have been written up on each player in the ranking. You can read those write ups by clicking on the links in the list.

recruit757 Fab 30:
1 Teradja Mitchell
2 Keshon Artis
3 Darryl Jones
4 Alexander, Jalen
5 Chatman, Armani
6 White, Joseph
7 Eason, Derrick
8 Burke, Dante
9 DeSue, Tyler
10 Becton, Jaevon
11 Stukes, Brent
12 Porter, Tayshaun
13 Drew, Willie
14 Burden, Armonii
15 Callines, Juwan
16 Spriggins, Dasamir
17 Green, Zach
18 Jones, Tray
19 Moran, Emilio
20 Bradshaw, Dauvieh
21 Stringer, Gerard
22 Thomas, Kyle
23 Boykins, Allen
24 James, Da’kendell
25 Spencer, Isaiah
26 Payne, Timothy
27 Anderson, Kwantay
28 Butts, Darran
29 Burns, Trevor
30 Bevins, Zach

recruit804 Fab 30:

1. Ronnie Walker
2. Chris Collins
3. Martiese Phipps
4. K’Vaughan Pope
5. Justin Jasper
6. Kaleb Smith
7. Jebril Murray
8. Greg Cuffey
9. Johnathan Rose
10. Wendell Davis
11. Jamar Darboe
12. Jalen Jackson
13. Billy Kemp
14. Henry Schroeder
15. Devonte Chandler
16. Mateo Jackson
17. Davod Wilkins
18. Shamond Fox
19. Zyan Sturdivant
20. Syour Fludd
21. Korey Bridy
22. Foster Singleton
23. Raymond Coles
24. Jahmol Robinson
25. Dontez Braxton
26. Samond Pinchback
27. Lamond Fox
28. Talvis Robinson
29. Joseph Tyree
30. Gynai James

recruitNOVA Fab 30:
1 Ricky Slade
2 Nana Asiedu
3 Jesus Gibbs
4 Brian Cobbs
5 Misch, Grant
6 Banjoko, Tola
7 Mayo, Robert
8 Spalding, Dillon
9 Jerkins, Dashaun
10 Miezan, Ricky
11 Pierre, Jayde
12 Chibueze, Henry
14 Mickens, Deshun
15 Moore, Aaron
16 Saint Germain, Harmon
17 Shinskie, Mitchell
18 Cockrill, Nolan
19 Portobanco, Sergio
20 Sams, Julian
22 Woodson, Landon
22 Giron, Bryan
23 Marcano, Devin
24 Richardson, George
25 Hardin, Andrew
26 King, Stephen
27 Agwunobi, Seth
28 Armstead, Lovell
29 Christmas, Maceo
30 Emerson, Chris

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Players, the photo above is from our April Clash of the Titans showcase. Quite a few of these athletes competed there this spring where we had an opportunity to assess their talent. Keep an eye out for the 2018 Clash of the Titans where the best players in the 757, 804, and Northern Virginia meet and compete.

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