Highland Springs - 804 Recruiting

804 Recruiting Roundtable: Richmond prospects have exploded!

Highland Springs 2017 (File Photo: Joe Barnes/recruit804) 804 Recruiting Roundtable: Highland Springs, Henrico and the wave of prospects taking Richmond by storm by Brandon Mitchell, recruit804 We went through a period when recruiting was drier than a desert here in the Central Region. However, over the last couple of weeks we’ve watched many prospects dent…


CPAC Top stats and recap video

recruit757 CPAC (Photo: Joe Barnes/recruit757) Here are the top performers from Saturday’s recruit757 CPAC by Andy Hilton, recruit757 We had a somewhat smaller camp on Saturday, but that didn’t diminish the brightness of our top performers. You’ve already seen some recaps of the top athletes at the College Prospect Assessment Camp, including quarterback Colt Minson…

Jeremiah Brown - Salem

CPAC Report: Salem RB Jeremiah Brown is again impressive (VIDEO)

Salem LB Jeremiah Brown (Photo: Mike Caudill/recruit757) CPAC Report: Salem LB Jeremiah Brown in high spirits at recruit757 CPAC by Brandon Mitchell, recruit757 There are still many under recruited and underrated prospects grinding hard throughout the spring in Hampton Roads. One of those prospects is Salem starting linebacker Jeremiah Brown. The Salem product had a…