Antoine Sampah - Woodbridge

Woodbridge LB Antoine Sampah sees a steady flow of offers

#4 Woodbridge LB Antoine Sampah (Photo: Sheridan King/recruitNoVA) Antoine Sampah is suddenly the hottest sophomore in the state by Jim McGrath, recruitNoVA Woodbridge’s All-State linebacker Antoine Sampah has been busy over the month of March. The sophomore’s list of offers has been growing by the day, and is beginning to look like a who’s who…

National Signing Day - NSD - YouTube - Coaches Corner

Athletes, it’s going to happen to you

National Signing Day (Photo by Andy Hilton/recruit757) When will you quit playing football? by Andy Hilton, recruit757 We tell young athletes all the time to prepare for life without football. Getting a college education is important. Use your athletic ability to leverage a college education for yourself. One day, you’ll use it and you’ll be…

Ty Yazujian - Penn State

After walking away, Football finds Ty Yazujian again and again

Ty Yazujian (Photo: Penn State Athletics) Ty Yazujian gave up football after high school, yet played at Penn State and now coaches high school ball by Jim McGrath, recruitNoVA In the spring of 2012, as a six-foot, 205-pound high school senior, Ty Yazujian had to make a crucial decision about his future athletic career. The…

Clash of the Titans - Clash Titans

2018 Clash of the Titans REGISTRATION OPEN!

Clash of the Titans Registration is OPEN by Andy Hilton, recruit757 This year’s Clash of the Titans should be our biggest yet. We want high school football athletes from around the state to compete. We’ll find out who’s the best at each position, in each region, and who’s best overall. Additionally, we’re crowning the strongest…