Boyce Adds New Offer

Poquoson defensive end and full back Grayson Boyce has worked hard this offseason. He’s bulked up to about 240 pounds, adding muscle which will serve him well in his senior season. His size and football abilities also serve him well in his hunt for college scholarships. Grayson added another offer last week, bringing him to three, with more on the way.

Brantley Soon To Be BMOC

Phoebus lineman Walter Brantley can’t wait for the day when he’s the BMOC. For those of you not picking up what I’m putting down, that’s “big man on campus”. At 6-3 and 330, Lil’ Walt, as he’s affectionately called, is literally the big man on Phoebus’ campus. It won’t be long before he’s walking the open spaces of a college campus.