Deep Creek Lineman Makes His Pick

The Deep Creek Hornets made strides this year. They only picked up one win, but under new Head Coach Cal Copeland, that win was a step in the right direction. The underclassmen are already working on improvements to next year’s squad. In the meantime, the current seniors have been working out their college committments. In the case of senior lineman Ben Lounsbury, the big man now has it all worked out.

Grassfield RB On The Verge Of A Breakout

When you have 4.2 Forty speed, it’s easy to predict a breakout. Grassfield running back Vincent Lowe has been able to boast about his track star speed for a couple of years now. His ball carrying skills (along with those of teammate Isaiah Harper) have led the Grizzlies to repeat playoff appearances. He can claim two college scholarship offers already, and there’s no doubt more are on the way.