Carrington Bowden - Woodside

More Woodside commitments confirmed

Woodside WR Carrington Bowden (Photo: Joe Barnes/recruit757) Carrington Bowden, Devon Hyman begin commitment proceedings for Woodside by Brandon Mitchell, recruit757 The Peninsula District continues to move at a modified pace when it comes to the commitment process compared to most districts across the entire region. We’ve watched prospects out of Bethel, Phoebus and Hampton among…

North Stafford

Jason Hescock in at South Lakes; Neil Sullivan elevated at North Stafford

North Stafford 2018 (Photo: Andy Hilton/recruit757) South Lakes and North Stafford have new head coaches by Jim McGrath, recruitNoVA Just a week after his hiring, new South Lakes coach Jason Hescock feels like a kid at Christmas time “I’m excited and ready to go,” said Hescock, who earned his first head coaching job with the…