Coaches Corner: Cutting edge training isn’t always better

Coaches Corner with Justin Kavanaugh (Photo: Andy Hilton/recruitNoVA) Gimmicks and gadgets won’t make you bigger, stronger and faster by Andy Hilton, recruit757 Coach Justin Kavanaugh shared some information on social media that got me thinking. You see guys with training masks that are supposed to limit your oxygen intake. There are attention grabbing methods for…

College Camps - Hampton University - Connell Maynor

Camp Calendar: College camps start again on Monday

Hampton University Head Coach Connell Maynor (Photo: Andy Hilton/recruit757) The dead period ends and college camps are underway again, but only for a few weeks by Andy Hilton, recruit757 This is where you make your money. College scholarships hang in the balance. This is your last chance to make a big impression on a college…

Coach Lew Johnston - Mental Game

Coaches Corner: Maximizing mental performance

Coach Lew Johnston tackles the mental aspects of the game (Photo: Andy Hilton/recruit757) To paraphrase the great Yogi Berra, is 90% of the game half-mental? Coach Lew Johnston has been a valuable contributor to recruit757’s Coaches Corner for years now. Here’s your chance to be heard. Do you have words of wisdom that you’d share…