Highland Springs - Loren Johnson

Coaches Corner: Communicate Effectively

Coach Loren Johnson gathers the athletes at Highland Springs (Photo: Brandon Mitchell/recruit804) Lew Johnston talks about the role of a coach in the lives of his athletes Taken from Lew Johnston’s blog “Coaching the little things” by Lew Johnston, a special contribution to recruit757 I don’t recall who sent it to me but I was watching…

Kole Williams - Nansemond River

Kole Williams is back for the Nansemond River defensive attack (VIDEO)

Nansemond River LB/RB Kole Williams (Photo: Joe Barnes/recruit757) recruit757 Spotlight Exposure camp features Kole Williams by Andy Hilton, recruit757 In 2019, the Nansemond River Warriors achieved a lot of their goals. They finished near the top of the Southeastern District. They made the playoffs and won their opener against rival Indian River. The Warriors may…