Kempsville - Amari Presley

recruit757 Spotlight Exposure Camp: Kempsville DB Amari Presley shows his stuff (VIDEO)

Kempsville DB Amari Presley (Photo: Joe Barnes/recruit757) Class of 2022 DB Amari Presley is ready to make a big impact by Andy Hilton, recruit757 The purpose of the recruit757 Spotlight Exposure camps is to help young athletes get their recruitment established. There are a lot of athletes getting college recruiting attention, but of course there’s…

HRA - Seven Warren - Menchville

Lineman Seven Warren will transfer to Connecticut

Menchville lineman Seven Warren (Photo: Joe Barnes/recruit757) Menchville stint short-lived as two-way prospect Seven Warren transfers to Salisbury School by Brandon Mitchell, recruit757 Last year around this time, here were rumors traveling back and forth across the Monitor Merrimac of a two-way prospect gearing up for a transfer from Hampton Roads Academy to a program…