More from the VHSL: No handshakes at the state tournament

File Photo: Lance Hinton/recruit757 The VHSL has added an advisory to avoid handshakes at the State Basketball tournament by Andy Hilton, recruit757 There’s been an updated announcement from the VHSL. No pre-game or post-game handshakes at the state basketball semifinals. “While the VHSL recognizes good sportsmanship is one of our core values, the VHSL is…

Scrimmage - Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner: What to do when an athlete wants to come back

(Photo: Andy Hilton/recruit757) An athlete walks away from your program and now wants to come back. What do you do? by Lew Johnston, a special contribution to recruit757 A young head coach called me the other day from Arkansas. We were talking about the Wing T offense. He said, “Coach, I need your advice. I…

VHSL - Coronavirus

Coronavirus fears threaten VHSL sporting events; Redskins event postponed

Photo: Andy Hilton/recruit757 The recrut757/Sparta Science Showcase takes a knee; VHSL releases an official statement on Coronavirus by Andy Hilton, recruit757 First things first, the VHSL Basketball State Championship tournament is still on as scheduled. Several new cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) have been uncovered in Virginia this week, sparking concerns and the demand for…