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Report: NCAA to grant eligibility relief for Division I spring sports athletes

The NCAA has announced a likelihood that Spring sports athletes could receive relief by Andy Hilton, recruit757 In an ever fluid situation, the NCAA has officially announced that they are strongly considering eligibility relief for Spring sport athletes. There are a lot of details to be worked out, but it sounds as though spring sport…

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Add it up: Counting all postponed sporting events and leagues nationwide

(Photo: Andy Hilton/recruit757) The list of postponed sporting events and sports leagues is staggering by Andy Hilton, recruit757 The overall list of sporting events and sports leagues across the global is sizable beyond imagination. Who knew this week would end like this? Here’s a complete list of postponed sporting events and leagues. NCAA Basketball: Cancellation…

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VHSL cancels; Class 3, 4, 5 and 6 teams declared co-champions

#1 Green Run junior Eli Kennedy (Photo: Lance Hinton/recruit757) All teams qualifying for the VHSL State Championship game at Classes 3 through 6 will be co-champions in 2020 by Andy Hilton, recruit757 The tides have turned again. On Wednesday, the NBA postponed their season and the NCAA declared that March Madness would be played to…

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MEAC Basketball Tournament will finish with restricted attendance

Photo: Lance Hinton/recruit757 Coronavirus fears have led the MEAC to shut off public access to their tournament by Andy Hilton, recruit757 The MEAC has announced changes to their handling of the tournament, currently being played in Norfolk, VA. Much like the NBA season and NCAA tournament, the MEAC tournament will now be affected by precautionary…

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VHSL will play hoops state championship with family and media in attendance

Photo: Lance Hinton/recruit757 The VHSL has modified their policy on the state basketball tournament by Andy Hilton, recruit757 In an ever fluid situation, the VHSL has again modified how they are handling the very popular state basketball tournament. Earlier in the week, the only restriction was to discourage pre-game and post-game handshakes. Now, with the…

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BREAKING: NCAA Basketball tournaments to be played with no fans in the stands

The NCAA has announced that March Madness will take place with no fans present by Andy Hilton, recruit757 Cancel your travel plans and make a reservation for your couch. The NCAA announced Wednesday afternoon that the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Basketball tournaments will be played without fans present. “The NCAA continues to assess the impact…