recruit757 is exclusively about high school football and basketball, college football and basketball, and recruiting in the athletic hotbeds of Virginia.

The 757 is our home base, where we’ve grown up watching local stars like Bruce Smith, Allen Iverson, and Michael Vick go from local legends to national stars.   There’s more talent like that here and today’s training and nutrition, plus the tool of publicity, puts a college education in reach for more and more student-athletes today.

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We’ve seen the same potential in the 804 region and in Northern Virginia, so we expanded our reach into the 804 in 2013 and into Northern Virginia in 2015.

Here you’ll learn about national news from a local perspective, get updates on the recruitment of local athletes and learn about players you won’t get enough of on a national recruiting site.

We provide an unparalleled outlet for the depth of talent in Virginia, plus we provide scouting service to the colleges that recruit the state.    WVEC’s Willie Byrn did a report on recruit757’s annual Uncommitted Senior Showcase in January 2017, and we are the go to resource for the local media when it comes to high school football coverage. Here’s our feature on WAVY-TV 10 and FOX 43 TV on the top prospects for the 2019 season.

We have some of the best and certainly the most passionate people in the business on our staff. We’ve already seen some of our best get hired away to work for ESPN Radio, WVEC-TV, local newspapers, Penn State Football, Notre Dame Athletics, Norfolk State and Old Dominion University. Training great people and giving them the opportunity for growth is a testament to our work.


Andy Hilton – CEO and Founder

Andy has over 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising, plus a lifetime of experience as a fan of football. Born and raised in Hampton Roads, Andy has a unique appreciation of the history of high school football in the region, plus the experience in communications and marketing to bring the local side of the game to life on the web. Andy and recruit757 provides scouting service to dozens of colleges, including competitive information on regional high school talent to the colleges actively recruiting in the area. Andy spearheads recruit757’s mission that benefits local athletes and get them the college scholarships they deserve.

Andy leads scholarship workshops that educate parents and players about the recruiting process, and he runs camps that allow college coaches to connect with local players and football programs.

Brandon Mitchell – Features Writer/Correspondent

Brandon is a student of Mass Communications at Norfolk State University and a former lineman for the Woodside Wolverines. He has a passion for sports and it shows in his writing. Brandon’s big aspiration is to make it to Los Angeles as a correspondent for ESPN-LA. In the meantime, he’s pounding the gridiron for great stories, focusing mainly on the Peninsula District and the 804.

Brandon is a relentless journalist and he has a great eye for football talent.  He also works as an orthopedic technician.   Mr. Mitchell keeps a busy schedule.


Jay Parchman – Video

Jay is a transplant to the area via Jackson and Memphis, Tennessee. Jay is an avid fan of high school and college football and has resided in Chesapeake for over ten years. Jay follows the college beat, but also shoots scout video and writes for, mostly covering the college angle.   Jay is especially interested in following the college careers of our local players who’ve gone off to doing bigger things.   As the seasons pass by, if you’re playing college ball or have gone on to a career, don’t be surprised if you hear from Jay.   The entire football community loves to know what you’re up to since you finished playing high school football in The 757.


Waltron Moody – Video

Waltron was featured on recruit757 when he was a lineman for the Warwick Raiders. He doesn’t play the game anymore, but he still loves Football. Waltron also played Basketball and Tennis in high school. He was a well rounded athlete. Waltron does a lot of video work for recruit757, and of course he’s still closely connected to the programs, players, and coaches of the former Peninsula District.

He’s a Norfolk State graduate with a degree in Mass Communications. You’ll see Waltron at games on the Peninsula all the time. He’ll also assist with camps, combines, showcases, and other events.


Antowyne Shaw – Video

Antowyne came to recruit757 with experience in the broadcast television industry and a keen eye for sports. He works his magic behind the camera and in the editing room. Not only does he shoot photography for recruit757, but he also shoots game film, highlights and post-game packages for recruit757. Antowyne is a one man wrecking crew when it comes to capturing the highlights of a game, interviewing the coaches and players afterward, asking the tough questions, and putting it all together in a video package that can be shared with the fans immediately after a football game. For basketball, Antowyne does it all too.


James Benn – Video Correspondent

James has a huge passion for football and a great knowledge of the game. Based out of Chesapeake, James like to team up with Jay Parchman and hit the road for games that mix it up. He’s covered Gloucester, Sussex Central, Franklin, and of course games all over the metro area of the 757 as well. James is the on camera face of the Parchman/Benn team, and they can be relied upon for sharp analysis in the post-game. In addition to his passion for football, James is a HUGE wrestling fan. He’s also a public school teacher and a coach at the middle school level.


Joe Barnes – Photographer

Not only does Joe do sports photography, but he does portraits, dance photos and a lot more. Joe does excellent work!   Joe also works as a Firefighter/EMT for the Chesapeake Fire Department.   You’ll find him covering a lot of western Hampton Roads and the Peninsula as well.   Joe will get out to a Beach game once in a while, so keep an eye out for him there too.

If you want senior photos, including action shots, casual poses and studio pictures, be sure to get in touch with Joe.


Mary Ann Magnant – Photographer

Mary Ann honed her skills shooting track and cross country, but she has a true love for football. She’s a national level contributor for, an online publisher of news and statistics for the track and field community. Mary Ann is based at the Beach, but will travel anywhere for a a good game. She might be small, but she’s not afraid to jump in and get a great shot just a few feet from the action. You’ll see her on the sidelines for recruit757.

Her reputation for track photography has taken her up and down the East Coast, and even as far as California for track events because Mary Ann is the best at what she does.

Mary Ann is a runner herself.   You can talk to her and know she loves sports.


Sarah Murphy – Photographer

Sarah is based out of Suffolk, VA and has contributed a lot of high quality work for recruit757 over the years. You’ve also seen her work with youth sports through her own company, Bean Sprout Photography. As the mom of boys, Sarah has to have a passion for sports. She loves to relate to her sons’ athletic pursuits and she captures many priceless memories through the lens of her camera.

Bean Sprout Photography is an excellent option if you’re looking for action shots or candids of your kids, your family, or your special occasion.


Danny Haymond – Photographer

Danny is a veteran of the recruit757 team and loves nothing more than to get out on Friday Nights in the fall and shoot some football action. You’ll find him on the sidelines on the Southside or on the Peninsula, but his most frequent assignment is Southeastern District football. You’ve undoubtedly seen him on the sidelines at King’s Fork, Indian River or Grassfield, among many others.

Fine Focus Photography is the name of his photography business and he’s always on the move.   His first love is sports photography.


Byron Jones – Correspondent

Byron Jones played his high school football in Western Virginia and he played his college ball at Hampden-Sydney. Now he roams the sidelines for recruit804. He is very invested in positive outcomes for our athletes and Byron really gets it when it comes to student-athletes leveraging their athletic ability into college scholarship opportunities. Those scholarships provide an education that will serve the student-athlete for the rest of their life.

Byron knows the game inside and out, and that makes him an intelligent interviewer when it comes to digging out the details and how players play and how coaches coach the game.


Jim McGrath – Correspondent

Jim is the lead correspondent for Northern Virginia and he keeps up with all of the players and coaches there. He went to high school at Bishop Ireton in Alexandria, and in college he ran cross-country, indoor and outdoor track for Wagner College (Div. I – Northeast Conference) in Staten Island, NY.

Mr. McGrath has coached track and cross country, and he currently coaches Deep Creek High School in Chesapeake, continuing a coaching career that has lasted more than 20 years. Jim has coached 26 former and current Division I athletes representing schools such as Virginia, VA Tech, Notre Dame, Seton Hall, William and Mary, Mount St. Mary’s, VCU, VMI, Norfolk State, Longwood, and others.

Jim’s journalistic experience includes writing for the Daily Press, MileStat, recruitNoVA/recruit757, and his own blog, Virginia Peninsula Sports.

Marc Goldstein – Correspondent

Marc Goldstein is a Class of 2022 grad at South Lakes High School in Reston, Virginia. He is the Sports Editor for the South Lakes Sentinel, the student newspaper. He is a 2-time attendee of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Fall Conference, held in New York City. He was also selected to attend the Washington Journalism and Media Conference over the summer of 2020, but it was unfortunately canceled due to Covid-19. In his free time, he also plays baseball for the South Lakes Seahawks. In his first two years at South Lakes, he wrote nearly 50 articles for his school publication and has spear-headed a brand new marketing campaign to increase notoriety and funding for the newspaper.


Thomas Matzke – Photographer

Thomas focuses on Peninsula District and Bay Rivers District photography after playing high school and junior college ball on the Peninsula. He attended Denbigh High School and Thomas Nelson Community College, and of course he loves to photograph sports.

Mr. Matzke works for the military at Fort Eustis in multimedia production including video, photography and graphic arts.


Brian Knight – Photographer

Brian is a go-getter, shooting as many sports as he can and shooting as often as possible. His goal is to tackle the learning curve head on so that he can refine his craft.

He’s a Navy Veteran and he works a “day job” at GEICO in Virginia Beach.

In addition to shooting high school sports, Brian has a passion for shooting MMA. He shoots Spartyka events at the Ted Constant Center often.


Lance Hinton – Photographer

Lance joined the recruit757 staff in 2017, and his specialty is action photography. Lance often teams up with Antowyne Shaw to work games in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

His interests include basketball and football photography. Lance works with the Virginia Beach School System and has a distinct interest in the success of our local student-athletes.

Lance also works on photo and video projects for athletes so he’s a good one to contact for special projects that make you look good.


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There are many other unsung heroes on the team that like to remain that way. It takes a lot of work to keep this site filled with the latest news, photos and video on all of the football talent here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We want colleges to be able to come in here and recruit easily. We’re convinced that there’s a lot of talent here that could be recruited to play college ball. It’s our duty to make sure that the colleges know what they’re looking for when they come to the area.

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